About Trey + Andrea

In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.- Erich Fromm
Trey Cinematography

I really love the technical, creative, and production challenges that weddings pose, you really have to stay on your feet prepared for whatever situation arises.  It’s not just one individual aspect that attracts me to filming weddings, but it’s the combination of all three. -Trey

Andrea Photography

The best part for me is getting to share in such a magical day where two people become one, and then capture that magic for the generations yet to come.  I think it’s just so much fun getting to work with all different types of people and see how they all choose to celebrate their special day. -Andrea

Generations yet to come

At the end of the day, what either wedding videography, or wedding photography comes down to is taking a single day and artfully capturing each detail for the generations yet to come.  The best way to look at it is that our lens is representing the viewpoint for your great, great, great grandchild.

In a way it’s like a historical document of sorts, something that is a cherished family asset.  That’s the serious side of it, the fun side, is getting to eat cake, and hang out with cool people.  🙂