Most Brides Regret Not Having a Wedding Videographer

The process to plan your wedding was exciting but also long and maybe really stressful.  You managed to include just about everything that you wanted to make your day as special as possible and pretty close to what you had budgeted (maybe).  The big day comes and goes by in such a blur.  Do you regret anything afterwards as you sit back and look at your wedding photos and reminisce on how fast the entire day flew by?  98% of brides say that they regret not fitting a wedding videographer into their budget.  We might be a little biased since we love capturing weddings on film, but ask yourself this… do you want to look back after your wedding and wish that you had hired a wedding videographer to capture your wedding and turn it into a film that you can watch over and over again and share with family?

Check out this article from Huffington Post where they go into detail about the #1 regret brides have after their wedding.

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